College of Teacher Education (CTE)

Idukki,  the land which bears within its heart, the signature of God. The land our ancestors created by taming the mighty Sahya Hills with sheer determination of willpower. The land were different culture exist side-by-side. Nedumkandam reigns, here in the midst of all the greenery, grace and beauty of the Highranges-as the beloved  daughter of Idukki.    

             Nedumkandam’s history begins over decades. The sighting of menhirs and other ancient reminiscences prove the history of Nedumkandam even before the establishment of first settlement. Along with history of the town, CPAS CTE has a Legacy of 25 years to tell about. The geographical beauty of Nedumkandm is as astonishing as, the town lies in between the Periyar Tiger Reserve Tekkady and the hill station of Munnar. And this shows the beautiful citing of the college campus. Even CPAS CTE is one among the B.Ed colleges with wide area of college campus in India!! Within the development of these 25 years, the college tries to maintain the natural heritage of the campus and we do have created a mini forest region utilizing the wide area of the campus, and that’s a golden feather.

         The growth of every society begins with its educational institutions. Our story began with a proposal for a Study Centre under MG University. This proposal was approved overtime and gradually with immense public support, our college came into existence. Never one can forget the contributions of Sri Pattam Thanupillai, then Chief Minister of Kerala who worked towards the development of Nedumkandam. In this endeavor, the efforts made by then Vice Chancellor of M G University , Mr. A Sukumaran Nair and the  principals of MES college, Mr pareeth  and M.G Mathew sir , A.J Francis sir in 1991 should not be forgotten. So was born 25 years ago, with around 315 students, providing them with 7 optional subjects namely Hindi, Malayalam, English, social science, physical science, natural science and mathematics.

           Under the leadership of Dr. K.P Suresh, the first principal of the college, the first batch came out in flying colours, with several students becoming University rank holders. The principals who came after him namely Mr. K.P Suresh, Mrs. Sheena Kurian, Sr. Rosykutty,   Prof. K.K Rajappan, Dr. S. Srilathamma, Mrs.Sudha K.S, Mrs. Rosily N.V, Mrs.Solly V.G,    Mrs. Resmy V.M, Dr. K Anver, Rajeev puliyoor followed in as his footsteps were incidental in the growth and development of CTE  Nedumkandam to its present silver jubilee glory.

         The real assets of our college are students like MLA Veena George, who manifolds levels of expertise and are directed towards betterment of society, raising the prestige of college even higher.

          On this auspicious occasion we remember everyone who worked towards the progress of this institution with gratitude. Even today, our students are encouraged to actively and creatively engage in the issues of a society. The college at present is blessed with nine faculty members two non teaching staffs and more than 100 students and offer 5 optional subjects in total.

          Overtime the governance of our college was shifted from MG University to CPAS  in 2017. The college is still continuing its journey in order to soar the heights, both in academics and non academic activities.