College of Teacher Education (CTE)

At its 25th year of Establishment the College offers a Bachelor of Education degree with two years of rigorous teacher training in five optional subjects viz, English, Malayalam, Mathematics, Natural Science and Physical Science. The college has a wide campus area of 14500 sq m. (1.43.30 Hector) A Multipurpose hall and a seminar hall with seating capacity of 200 students. In addition to this, a resourceful library and reading room, ICT lab, separate laboratories for physical Science, Natural Science Psychology, Mathematics and Art Education. Further we have SUPW room, Student rest room, Canteen, play ground, parking space etc. The college boasts of, intricate traditional paintings related to Mithila and Madubani from Indian art and culture. A botanical garden with rare and endangered flora and fauna has been preserved.


Enable the 21st Century prospective teachers with ethics, skills and ideals. Equip them to be of high morale by developing professional competency, sensitiveness, adaptablity and social commitment to meet the challenges. Aid them become the transmitters, inspirers and promoters of  learner’s ceaseless pursuit for knowledge.

The Vision Highlights

  • Facing the challenges of Education in the Digital Era.
  • Development of Teacher Competence, Sensitivity and Teacher Motivation.
  • Laying importance on professional preparation.
  • Making conformity with the values enshrined in the constitution.
  • Moulding teachers to be technologically competent.
  • Knowing of ICT enabled curriculum and e-learning.
  • Realizing the importance of inclusive education and gender issues.
  • Imbibing Yoga, Health and Physical Education for future life styles.
  • Equip them to nurture modes of continuous professional Development
  • Knowing about the ‘nature’ and measures for environmental sustainability.
  • Nurturing children’s creativity and aesthetic sensibilities.
  • Realizing the importance of evidence based performance assessment.
  • Experiencing life skill training.


 The mission of two year B Ed programme is to enable the student teacher to uphold the value system based on the cultural, social, political and moral bases of Indian society.

  • identify and solve the prevalent major social and environmental issues /
  • challenges and equip the classroom learner to face those challenges.
  • develop teacher competence, sensitivity and teacher motivation.
  • get ready for professional preparation.
  • become technologically competent and realize the importance of ICT and elearning.
  • apply the theoretical and practical information to get a holistic understanding
  • about the importance of nurturing positive attitudes, skills and healthy behavior
  • for living in the present and future.
  • imbibe the aptitude for understanding the principles and practices related to the
  • varied psychological, sociological and philosophical areas to facilitate productive cognition.
  • focus on communicative English which will help the student teachers to communicate well in diverse settings and groups.
  • conceptualize different formal and informal evidence based performance
  • assessment strategies and develop ability to evaluate the continuous intellectual,
  • social and physical development of the learners.
  • enhance drama and art education to nurture children’s creativity and aesthetic sensibilities.
  • enhance the critical thinking skills through strategies that encourage precise approach to inquiry, collaboration and active participation in the classrooms.
  • acquire the right attitude with qualitative commitment using multiple levels of tools and techniques.