NAME                            :         Mr. ANOOP P G

Official address               :         Asst. Prof. in Art Education

College of Teacher Education

Nedumkandam, Idukki District, Kerala State.

Residential Address                :           Pachilamkunnel

                                                            Chelachuvadu P.O, Chelachuvadu

                                                            Idukki (Dt) Pin: 685606

Phone number                         :           9446158661

Email ID                                 : 


QUALIFICATIONS                         :   Master of Fine Art (MFA)



  • 3 years teaching Experience as Asst: Professor in Art Education in College of Teacher Education Nedumkandam



  • Worked as coordinator in mural painting at CTE Nedumkandam with including 100 students
  • Conducted a cement pot-making workshop in B.Ed college Nedumkandam in 2019 with including 50 students.
  • Conducted a Drama workshop – Theater practice at B.Ed college Nedumkandam
  • Recreated the dancing girl sculpture from Harappa Mohanjadaro civilization at B.Ed College Nedumkandam
  • Worked as coordinator in Garden Making with scrap materials and different types of Plants in B.Ed College Nedumkandam
  • Conducted Terracotta Workshop based on Idukki district tribal civilization (Making of 1001 relief sculpture) and its contributed to 50th anniversary of Idukki
  • Got First prize on (SAFA) Sand Art Fest in Alappuzha
  • Got 2017th Lalithakala Academy Students Award
  • Conducted an exhibition at Ernakulam Darbar hall under Lalithakala Academy
  • Conducted a Group Show (VERV) AT Kozhikode Art Gallery under Lalitha Kala Academy
  • Participated in Student Exhibition at RLV College in 2015
  • Participated in Group Show (Hortus Malabaricus) at Hil Palace
  • Participated in Exhibition (Sibiram) at Ernakulam Darbar hall
  • Participated in cement relief sculpture camp at Ahalya heritage
  • Participated in one day Sand Art fest conducted by Vasan Eye care